ID rules cost 58 votes

MORE than 50 voters did not cast a ballot in South Gloucestershire’s elections after falling foul of new rules on photo ID.

May’s elections were the first to be held under new laws requiring proof of identification from everyone turning up at polling stations.

The council’s returning officer said the “overwhelming majority” of electors brought photo ID that met the requirements.

A total of 216 electors were initially turned away after turning up to vote without a passport, driving licence or one of a number of other accepted forms of ID.

Of those, 158 returned with identification and were able to cast their ballots. That left 58 who did not return.

The council says 43,798 people voted in the election and the number of people who did not get to vote represented just over 0.1% of the total who tried.

The council issued a total of 248 Voter Authority Certificates, for people who did not have another approved form of photo ID, before the election.