Power Partners: new scheme links The Wave with Welsh hydro project

THE Wave at Easter Compton has been twinned with a hydro energy project in Wales.

It’s part of an initiative from Good Energy that twins some of its business customers with a specific generator so they can better understand how their power consumption is fully matched by renewables.

‘Power Partners’ links them with one of the company’s more than 1,700 independent generators across the UK, such as solar farms, wind turbines and hydroelectric schemes.

The first Power Partner in the series is inland surfing lake The Wave at Easter Compton, which has been twinned with a hydro project, Cwm Cadian Hydro in Wales.

The electricity used by The Wave will be matched via Good Energy with the power output of the Welsh hydro project.

Good Energy head of sales and origination Tom Parsons said: “We’re proud to be supported by customers who want to
play their part in tackling the climate
crisis by sourcing their power from

“This new initiative allows us to take it a step further by matching some of our business customers with a specific generator, building a closer relationship and raising awareness of where their electricity comes from.

“The grid is interconnected so clearly there isn’t a direct physical link between the partners, but it’s a much more engaging way of demonstrating our commitment to renewables.

“The first film in the series is a great example of how we’re helping to provide a cleaner and greener future – perfect surf, powered by water.”

The Wave is a ‘slice of the ocean’ which brings the positive power of water and waves inland, to be enjoyed by people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

The lake rolls around 1,000 waves per hour, ranging from 50cms to almost two metres in height, and the site attracts more than 200,000 visitors each year.

Chief executive and founder Nick Hounsfield said: “From the word go we made a commitment to only ever use renewable energy to power our waves. It would have been wrong to use electricity from fossil fuels and thereby contribute to climate change and the acidification of the ocean.

“It is brilliant to be working with Good Energy and their power partners like Cwm Cadian Hydro to deliver on this promise.”