Combating graffiti in Bradley Stoke

Bradley Stoke Town Council is committed to eradicating graffiti in the area by offering a free-to-use service for residents. 

The council has done this for several years by using its own equipment, but unfortunately in December the equipment broke and, due to the age of it, the council  was unable to get it repaired. 

The replacement graffiti removal scheme now sees South Gloucestershire Council remove graffiti in Bradley Stoke, although this comes at an annual cost to the town council of £1,000 to ensure the service is available all year long. 

However, Bradley Stoke Town Council have pointed out that offensive graffiti (ie that which includes swear words, racism, homophobia, derogatory language and other offensive terms) will be removed free  if residents report it directly to South Gloucestershire Council. 

If you need to report graffiti in Bradley Stoke for removal, you can contact the Activity Centres Manager or the Deputy Town Clerk via the Bradley Stoke Town Council website.