Homes for refugees

Forty three homes are being provided in South Gloucestershire for refugees from Ukraine or Afghanistan.

The council is working with housing association Bromford to create the extra homes, which have been funded by £6.8 million allocated from the Government’s new Local Authority Housing Fund (LAHF).

The council says the homes are in addition to the new affordable homes it already provides every year in the area. 

A celebration was held in February to celebrate the completion of the first of the additional homes.

Council leader Claire Young, said: “I’m pleased this funding has not only provided housing for the immediate need but will also help reduce pressure on our local services, benefiting people across South Gloucestershire. This is a significant amount of money invested in the area, which will provide a great boost to the local economy.”

Volodymyr and Oleksandra, who have already been rehomed here, said: “Our Ukrainian family wants to express our sincere gratitude for caring for us and other Ukrainian families. 

“We really appreciate what you do for us. We were forced to leave our homes, and you gave us shelter. We feel at home in this new apartment. Even the sun shines in a new way now. I want to live and dream again. We thank you. And we wish you success.”

Tatiana, Serhiy, Vladislav and Darina, who have also been rehoused locally, said: “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the team for providing us with a new social house, which we received in December.”