There’s no stopping Barry!

New associates were recently welcomed to the first of three seminars of the Advanced Driver Course run by Bristol Advanced Motorists at the BAWA Centre in Filton. It was also an opportunity to present certificates to associates who had recently passed the Advanced Driver test.

One of these was John Martin (known as Barry) from Bradley Stoke, who passed the test in June. You may think that there is nothing particularly remarkable about that. But Barry is 89 years of age and must be a contender for the title of most senior associate to pass the advanced test with the Bristol group. His success shows that it is never too late to acquire a new skill.

Recognising that the majority of collisions are caused by driver error, the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver course and test was introduced to significantly improve driving standards using the principles of advanced driving pioneered and applied with unparalleled success by
the Metropolitan Police. The test is conducted by a serving or retired Police Class 1 Qualified Examiner independent of the Bristol group.

As a bonus, for drivers aged 60 and over who live in the Avon and Somerset Police area, Avon and Somerset Police Community Trust provides funding for Bristol Advanced Motorists to give a full refund of the course fee when they pass the test.