From Little Acorns grow…

Little Acorns Pre-School (based in the Jubilee Centre at Bradley Stoke) has been awarded a ‘good’ rating following a recent Ofsted inspection.

The examiner, Holly Smith, felt that the children at the pre-school are happy and enjoy the time they spend at this bright and inviting setting. The report wrote that the children “are motivated to learn and eager to explore the well-resourced indoor and outdoor learning environments. Children are familiar with the daily routine. They self-register on arrival and enthusiastically greet their peers. Children excitedly move their bodies to music as they engage in a ‘wake and shake’ activity with staff. They stretch their arms, twirl and jump to the music.”

The report notes that children with special education needs or disabilities were well supported at Little Acorns, and that the staff worked closely with parents/guardians of the children to ensure they received consistent levels of support. In addition, it was noted that all the children, including those who did not speak English as a first language, were confident communicators. Safeguarding methods were also deemed to be very effective at this school. 

Areas where it felt Little Acorns could make improvements were that the managers could support staff “to use their knowledge of children’s individual learning needs and adopt a more-focused approach to their teaching to support children to make even better progress in their learning and development”. And to consider ways to further improve the children’s involvement in physical activities and play.